When Is The Best Time To Book Hotels?

The best time to book hotels can vary depending on the destination, time of year, and other factors. However, there are some general tips that can help you get the best deals on hotels.

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The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the destination, the season, and whether or not there are any major holidays. Generally speaking, it is best to book hotels at least a few weeks in advance, as last-minute deals are often not available. For popular destinations during high season, it is sometimes necessary to book months in advance in order to get the best rates.

The Off-Season

The best time to book hotels is during the off-season. This is usually from mid-September to mid-November, and then again from mid-January to mid-March. However, the best time to book will depend on the specific location. For example, if you’re looking to visit a popular beach destination, you’ll want to avoid booking during summer months or holidays.

The Shoulder Season

The “shoulder season” refers to the time between the high season and the low season, when demand (and prices) are lower than usual. This is typically a great time to travel, as you can find deals on accommodation and flights. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable during this time of year.

The High Season

The high season is when demand for hotel rooms is at its peak. Prices are higher during this time because there are more people traveling and looking for places to stay. If you’re planning a trip during the high season, it’s best to book your hotel room as early as possible.

The high season for travel varies depending on the destination. For example, the busy season in many European cities is from June to August, while the busiest time in the Caribbean is usually December to April. Many factors influence when the high season falls, including weather patterns, holidays, and local events.

The Peak Season

The peak season is when most people travel and prices are at their highest. For many destinations, the peak season coincides with the summer months, but there can also be peak times during other parts of the year, such as winter holidays or special events. If you’re planning to travel during the peak season, it’s important to book your hotel well in advance in order to get the best possible rate.

The Holiday Season

Hotel rates during the holiday season are generally at their peak due to high demand from both leisure and business travelers. However, there are a few days during the year when rates drop significantly. For example, rates tend to drop around Thanksgiving and Christmas due to lower demand from business travelers. If you are willing to travel during the holidays, you can often find great deals on hotels.

The Low Season

The low season is when hotel prices are at their lowest. This is typically from mid-January to early March, and again from late August to early November. If you’re willing to travel during these times, you can often find great deals on hotels.

The Best Time To Book Hotels

The short answer is that the best time to book hotels is 3-4 weeks in advance. This gives you the best chance of getting a good deal. However, booking too far in advance can also be risky, as prices can go up as the date gets closer. If you’re flexible with your dates, it’s always worth checking hotel prices closer to your travel dates to see if you can get a better deal.

The Worst Time To Book Hotels

The worst time to book hotels is generally considered to be 21 to 28 days in advance. Rates are generally highest during this time frame.


After analyzing hotel prices and booking trends for the last three years, we’ve concluded that the best time to book hotels is generally 21 days in advance. You can save even more—an average of 26 percent—by booking 30 days in advance.

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