What To Write In A Baby Book

So, you’re about to become a parent or you’ve just become a parent. What do you do now? How do you document this amazing time in your life?

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The First Year: What To Include

As a new parent, you may be wondering what to write in a baby book. While there is no one “right” way to do it, there are some common elements that you may want to include.

The first year is full of so many milestones and memories. You may want to document things like your baby’s first words, steps, and teeth. Other parents also choose to write about their hopes and dreams for their child, as well as special moments that they have shared together.

If you are struggling with what to write, here are some ideas to get you started:

-Your baby’s birth story
-A growth chart documenting your baby’s physical development
-A calendar of special events and holidays during your baby’s first year
-A record of your baby’s sleep patterns, eating habits, and milestones
-Photos and artwork made by your baby
-Keepsakes such as your baby’s hospital bracelet or first outfit
-Your thoughts and feelings about parenthood

The Early Years: What To Include

There are many beautiful baby books on the market, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. A simple notebook or even a scrapbook can be transformed into a wonderful record of your baby’s first few years.

Here are some ideas of what you can include:

-Photos: Include professional photos, snapshots taken with your phone, and even pictures drawn by older siblings.
-A timeline of milestones: Use this section to document when your baby said his or her first word, took first steps, and so on. You can also include memorable moments, such as the first time they saw Santa Claus or went to the beach.
-Special handprints and footprints: These make great decorations for the book and will be cherished as your child grows up.
-A copy of your baby’s birth certificate: Include this important document as a reminder of when your little one entered the world.
-A locks of hair: Cut a small piece of hair from your baby’s first haircut and glue it into the book. This is a sweet way to remember how tiny they once were.
-A growth chart: Use this section to track your baby’sPhysical growth over time. You can also use it to record special achievements, such as their first time cycling without training wheels or learning to swim.
-Your baby’s favorite things: What did your child enjoy at each stage of development? Include pages dedicated to their favorite toy, book, food, etc. You can also include photos of them enjoying these things.
-Family tree: Help your child understand their place in the family by creating a family tree page with photos and brief descriptions of each relative.

The Toddler Years: What To Include

As your toddler grows, they will change and develop so rapidly! Seeing these changes happen can be both wonderful and challenging, so it’s important to document them in a baby book. Here are some ideas of what to include during the toddler years:

-First words and first sentences
-Developmental milestones (walking, running, climbing, etc.)
-Potty training progress
-Favorite foods
-Favorite activities and games
-Hobbies or interests
-Any out of the ordinary events or accomplishments

Photos are always a great addition to any baby book, so be sure to include lots of pictures of your toddler as they grow!

The Pre-School Years: What To Include

When you are writing in a baby book, the pre-school years are a great time to include many things. If you have started the book when your child was born, you may want to include some or all of the following:

-Hand and footprints
-First haircut
-First words
-Early interests and hobbies
-Funny moments
-Anecdotes about childhood mischief
-Major milestones, such as learning to walk or potty train

If you did not start the book at birth, don’t worry – there is still plenty of time to capture all of these memories. You may want to focus on the past few years, or pick and choose which moments are most important to you. Either way, pre-schoolers are full of personality – and their baby books should reflect that!

The School Years: What To Include

Start with the basics: name, birthdate, place of birth, parents’ names.

Include a photo from each year of school. If you can, include a brief description of a memorable moment from each year.

Elementary school is a time of big emotions and big changes. Here are some things you might want to include:
-Your child’s favorite things (books, movies, food)
-A little bit about your child’s personality
-Any funny stories or memories
-What it was like to watch your child learn and grow

Middle school is often when kids start to become more independent. They might be more involved in extracurricular activities and have stronger opinions about the things they like and don’t like. Here are some things you might want to include:
-Your child’s hobbies and interests
-What it was like to watch your child grow into their own person
-Any funny stories or memories
-Anecdotes about your child’s friends or social life

High school is a time of big changes and major milestones. Your child will probably be thinking about college and their future career. Here are some things you might want to include: -Yourchild’s plans for after high school -What it was like to watch your child grow up -Any funny stories or memories -Anecdotes about your child’s friends or social life

The Teenage Years: What To Include

The teenage years can be a challenging time for both parents and kids. But it can also be a time of great growth and discovery. If you’re looking for ideas of what to include in your teenager’s baby book, here are some suggestions:

-A letter from you to your teenager, expressing your hopes and dreams for their future
-A letter from your teenager to you, expressing their thoughts and feelings about their teenage years
-A photo album or scrapbook documenting their teenage years
-A journal documenting their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during their teenage years
-A collection of favorite quotes, poems, or songs that speak to their teenage experience
-A collection of favorite photos from their teenage years
-Anything else that captures the essence of their teenage years!

The Adult Years: What To Include

The adult years are often a time of big changes and major life milestones. Use this time to reflect on your hopes and dreams for your child, as well as the challenges you have faced and overcome together. You may also want to include advice for your child as they enter adulthood.

The Golden Years: What To Include

When it comes to writing in a baby book, the options are endless. You can go the sentimental route and write down all your hopes and dreams for your child. You can keep it lighthearted and fun by jotting down memorable moments as they happen. Or you can do a little bit of both.

No matter what approach you take, there are some key things you’ll want to include in your baby book to make sure it’s a cherished keepsake for years to come. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Your baby’s birth story, including date, time, weight and length
-A photo of your baby’s birth certificate
– Pictures of your baby’s first weeks and months, including milestones like their first smile or rollover
-Your baby’s first words and steps, along with the date they were achieved
-A lock of your baby’s hair from their first haircut
-Cards and letters from loved ones addressed to your little one
-Mementos from special occasions, like their first Halloween or Christmas

By including items like these in your baby book, you’ll not only be creating a cherished keepsake, but you’ll also be creating a lasting record of your child’s earliest years.

The Legacy: What To Include

When you begin to fill out your baby book, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. After all, this book will be your child’s legacy. It will be passed down from generation to generation, and it will be a source of cherished memories for years to come. So what should you include?

Here are some ideas:

· Photos, of course! But don’t stop there. Add captions to the photos to explain who is in the photo and when it was taken.

· A family tree. This will help future generations understand their heritage.

· Details about your pregnancy and delivery. Include things like your due date, your weight gain during pregnancy, and any complications you had during delivery.

· Your baby’s birth certificate and other important documents.

· A lock of your baby’s hair, their footprints, and other mementos from their earliest days.

· Stories about your child’s first year (or years) of life. Write about their first steps, first words, and other milestones. Include funny stories and memorable moments.

· As your child gets older, add stories about their school years, favorite hobbies, and anything else that helps capture who they are at that stage in their life.


In conclusion, a baby book is a wonderful way to document your baby’s life. It’s a place to write down happy memories, funny stories, and all the special moments that you want to remember forever. A baby book is also a great way to keep friends and family up-to-date on your baby’s development. So don’t wait – start writing in your baby book today!

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