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Stephanie Laurens is one of the most successful authors in history, with over 100 million books sold worldwide. Her novels are known for their steamy romance and witty humor.

The stephanie laurens books in chronological order is a list of all the Stephanie Laurens Books that are currently available.

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Stephanie Laurens is one of my favorite authors. I love reading her books, and I especially love reading them online because I can take my time and read the book at my own pace. Her books are always interesting and well-written, so I know that no matter when I decide to read one of her novels, it will be worth my time.

Stephanie Laurens Books by Series

The Cynster Series: Also known as the Scandalous Cynsters, this series follows the lives and loves of the Cynster family.

The Bastion Club Series: A secret society of gentlemen who come together to help one another in times of need, and also to find true love.

The Black Cobra Quartet: A quartet of novels following the adventures (and romances) of four soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.

Stephanie Laurens Upcoming Books:

A Rakes’s Vow, book 12 in The Cynster series, is set to release in March 2021. In 2022, look for book 13 in The Cynster series as well as a new novel set during the Regency period.

Stephanie Laurens Books in Publication Order

The Cynster Novels:

# Devil’s Bride (1998)

# A Rakes Vow (1999)

# Scandal’s Bride (1999)

# A Rogue’s Proposal (2000)

# A Secret Love (2001)

# All About Passion (2002)

# On a Wild Night (2003)

# all about love (2004)

The Black Cobra Quartet:

1. Captivated by You, released December 2013 in the US and January 2014 in Australia/NZ

2. Claimed by You, will be released November 4th, 2014 in the US and December 4th in Australia/NZ.

3. Tempted by You, will be released October 6th, 2015 in the US and November 5th in Australia/NZ.

4. Seduced by You, will be released September 1st 2016 in both the US and Australia/NZ

Stephanie Laurens Books by Publication Date

The Stephanie Laurens backlist is full of witty and sensual historical romances set in the Regency era. But which books should you read first? Here’s a list of Laurens’ books, sorted by publication date:

The Reluctant Bride (1987): This book introduces the Cynster family, one of Laurens’ most popular series. The story follows Amanda Cynster, who reluctantly agrees to marry Simon Frederick, the Duke of Ridgewater. Despite her misgivings, Amanda finds herself falling for Simon.

A Rake’s Vow (1988): This book is the second in the Cynster series and features Martin Cynster, Amanda’s brother. Martin sets out to ruin Miss Phoebe Cynder, a woman he believes is trying to trap his friend into marriage. But Phoebe is not what she seems, and Martin soon finds himself falling for her.

Scandal’s Bride (1989): Scandal’s Bride is the third book in the Cynster series and tells the story of Henrietta “Henri” Cynster, who falls for Lord Richard Selborne even though she knows he is a rake. When scandal threatens their relationship, Henri must decide if she can trust Richard enough to give him her heart.

A Secret Love (1989): A Secret Love is a standalone novel that tells the story of Lady Jane Clifford, who has been secretly in love with her best friend’s husband for years. When he finally notices her, Jane must decide if she should risk everything for love.

Devil’s Bride (1990): Devil’sBride is the fourth book in the Cynster series and features Joshua “Devil” Cynster, who sets out to find a wife after his parents tell him it’s time to settle down. He soon meets Honoria Wetherby and realizes she may be perfect for him…if only he can convince her to take a chance on love.

Stephanie Laurens Upcoming Books

The Cynster Sisters Trilogy

The first book in the series, Scandalous Lord Dere, will be released in October 2021. The second book, Dangerous Mister Quinn, will be released in January 2022. And the third and final book in the series, Reckless Duke Romsey, will be released in April 2022.

The Bastion Club Novels

The next Bastion Club novel, The Duke’s Reckoning, is scheduled for release in November 2021. This will be followed by The Viscount’s Revenge in February 2022 and then The Earl’s Redemption in May 2022.

Stephanie Laurens Books Made Into Movies

We’re excited to announce that Stephanie Laurens’ books are being made into movies! Here’s a list of her upcoming releases:

“The Reckless Bride”: A story of a runaway bride who takes refuge with the Duke of Wyndham, only to find herself falling in love with him.

“The Scandalous Widow”: When Lady Miranda Pelham is widowed, she sets out to take London by storm and ends up in the arms of Lord Derek Craven.

“The Devil’s Heiress”: The story of Lady Olivia Featherstone, who must choose between the man she loves and the dangerous world of espionage she’s been drawn into.

“Lady Rogue”: The tale of Lady Georgiana Rannoch, who poses as a thief in order to catch a murderer and ends up falling for the dashing Captain Jack Audley.

Stephanie Laurens Books Made Into TV Shows

Stephanie Laurens is a prolific author with many of her books made into TV shows. The following is a list of her upcoming books and their respective TV show adaptations.

“The Cynster Sisters Trilogy”: This trilogy follows the stories of three sisters who are all looking for love. The first book, ” Scandal’s Bride,” is set to air on Lifetime in October 2022. The second book, “A Rake’s Vow,” will air on PBS in December 2022. And finally, the third book, “Temptation’s Kiss,” is set to air on ABC in February 2023.

“The Bastion Club Series”: This series follows the stories of nine men who are part of an elite group known as the Bastion Club. The first book, “Captain Jack’s Woman,” is set to air on CBS in March 2023. The second book, “The Lady Chosen,” will air on NBC in May 2023. And finally, the third book, “A Gentleman’s Honor,” is set to air on FOX in July 2023.

Stephanie Laurens Books for Young Adults

The Stephanie Laurens books for young adults are a great way to get introduced to her work. The series includes the following books:

The Cynster Series:

This series is a set of historical romance novels that follow the lives and loves of the Cynster family.

The Bastion Club Series:

This series is a set of historical romance novels that follow the members of the Bastion Club, a secret society of gentlemen who come together to help each other in times of need.

The Black Cobra Quartet:

This series is a set of historical romance novels that follow the adventures of four friends as they try to stop a dangerous criminal organization known as the Black Cobra.

Stephanie Laurens Upcoming Books:

2022 looks like it will be another busy year for Stephanie Laurens, with two new releases scheduled so far. The first, A Rakes Wager, is due out in February, and continues the story begun in last year’s A Rogue by Any Other Name. The second book, titled Scandalous Lord Dere, is slated for release in September, and promises to be another scintillating installment in Laurens’ long-running Cynster series.

Stephanie Laurens Books for Children

Stephanie Laurens is a prolific writer of historical romance novels, and many of her books have been adapted for children’s audiences. Her work is characterized by strong heroines, dashing heroes, and plenty of adventure, making her books perfect for young readers who are looking for a little bit of everything in their reading material. While Laurens’ novels are typically set in the Regency period of England, she has also written several contemporary romances as well. No matter what time period or setting you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a Stephanie Laurens book that’s perfect for you!

Stephanie Laurens is a British author who has written over 40 books. Her books have been published in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. She writes historical romance novels that are set in England during the Regency period. Reference: stephanie laurens cynster books in order.

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