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Tunnel in the Sky is a fantasy novel written by William Sleator. It was first published in 1978 and has since been translated into more than 15 languages. The story follows two children who are transported to another dimension through a hole in the sky, where they must find their way back home again.

Tunnel in the sky movie is a book that is similar to Tunnel in the Sky. The two books are both about people living underground.

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If you’re looking for a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Tunnel In The Sky by Don DeLillo. This suspenseful novel is filled with action and intrigue, and will leave you wondering what will happen next.


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What is Tunnel in the Sky about?

Tunnel in the Sky is a science fiction novel by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, first published in 1955. The novel tells the story of a group of students who are sent on a survival exercise to an uninhabited planet, only to find themselves stranded there with no hope of rescue. The novel explores themes of survival and human nature, as the students must grapple with the reality that they may never be rescued and must learn to fend for themselves.

Who is the author of Tunnel in the Sky?

The author of Tunnel in the Sky is none other than the renowned science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein. The novel was first published in 1955 and tells the story of a group of students who are sent on a mission to colonize another planet. However, when they reach their destination, they find that the planet is uninhabitable and must find a way back home.

Where does the story take place?

The story takes place in a small town called Mayberry. It is a typical American town with a few shops, a school, and a church. The town is located in the fictional state of North Carolina.

When was Tunnel in the Sky published?

Tunnel in the Sky was published on October 1, 1955. It is a science fiction novel by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, about a group of students who are stranded on an alien planet.

What other books are similar to Tunnel in the Sky?

If you’re looking for other books that are similar to Tunnel in the Sky, here are some suggestions. First, try out The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This book is also about a group of friends who find themselves in an interdimensional space-traveling adventure. Another option is The Martian by Andy Weir, which is about a man stranded on Mars who must use his scientific knowledge to survive. For something a little different, try Dune by Frank Herbert, which is set on a desert planet and full of political intrigue.


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