Book Review Rubric Grade 7

Grade 7 rubrics can be helpful for teachers to help them understand how their students are performing. This rubric is a review of the book “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.

The book review rubric pdf is a document that allows teachers to create a rubric for grading students’ book reviews. The document includes information on how to use it, as well as examples of what the different grades and levels look like.

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My students need a rubric for their book reviews, and I have the perfect one for them! This is a grade 7 rubric, but it can be adapted to other grades.

The key to writing a good book review is to be critical but also constructive. Here are the seven points that this rubric focuses on:

1. State the main topic of the book

2. Summarize what you liked and disliked about the book

3. Choose your rating for the book

4. Write a conclusion summarizing your thoughts


A book report is a common assignment in school where you are asked to summarize and give your opinion on a particular book. In most cases, teachers will provide a specific rubric with the instructions for the book report. However, if no rubric is provided, there are some general things that should be included in any book report. This includes:

-The title of the book and the author’s name

-A brief summary of the plot

-Your opinion on the book

-Why you would or would not recommend it to others

Here is a more detailed explanation of each part of abook report:

The title of the book and the author’s name:

This is pretty self explanatory. You just need to include the full title of the work as well as the author’s name. If you are writing a report on a particularly long or complex book, you may also want to include information about which edition you read (first edition, second edition, etc.). Including this information can be helpful for readers who might want to track down and read the same exact version that you did.

A brief summary ofthe plot:

Including a brief summary ofthe plot is important because it gives context for your opinions and recommendations later on inthe report. A good ruleof thumb isto keep your summary relatively short (1-2 paragraphs at most). You don’t wantto give away too much or get bogged down in details. Just hitthe main points and moveon.

Your opinion onthe book:

This is probablythe most important partofa bookreport sinceit’s all about YOUR personal reaction towhatyou’ve read. Didyou likeor dislikeit? Was it boring or exciting? What parts didyou find particularly interesting oroffensive? Be sure toget into specifics here and really explain WHYyou felt certain ways aboutthe work overall.

Why youwould orwould notrecommend itto others:

After givingyour own thoughtsand feelingsabouta book, it canbe helpful toprovide some insightinto whyothers might react similarlyor differently thanyou did . For example, maybeyou foundcertain themesparticularly offensive but someoneelse might see them as empowering . Providing this typeof analysiscan help broadenreaders’ perspectivesand make fora more openminded discussionabout literaturein general .


The book report rubric 5th grade pdf is a great way to keep track of your child’s progress in reading. It can also help you spot any areas where your child may need more help. The grade 8 book review rubric is a useful tool for teachers when assessing student work. It is important to remember that the free book report rubric should be used as a guide and not as a strict set of rules. The university book review rubric can be found here. This simple book report rubric can be used by elementary school teachers to assess student performance on various aspects of a summary, such as organization, content, and presentation.


One of the most important elements in a book is its characters. Without strong and believable characters, a book can fall flat. Good characters will make readers want to keep turning the pages to see what happens next, while bad or unconvincing characters can cause them to put the book down altogether.

When assessing the characters in a book, it’s important to consider how well-developed they are. Are they one-dimensional or multi-dimensional? Do they undergo any sort of development or change throughout the course of the story? Are they realistic or unrealistic?

It’s also important to think about how likable the characters are. Even if a character is meant to be unlikeable, there should be some aspect of them that readers can relate to or empathize with. And finally, it’s worth considering whether the supporting cast is just as strong as the main character ufffd sometimes it’s the secondary characters that really make a book shine.


The plot is the story, or main conflict and resolution of the book. In a well-written plot, there is a clear beginning, middle and end with a definite problem and solution. The characters should be believable and likable (or at least relatable) and the story should flow smoothly from one event to the next without any major holes or loose ends.


The characters are perhaps the most important part of any story. They are the people (or animals, etc.) that readers will follow throughout the book and grow to love (or hate). Good characters are complex and three-dimensional, meaning they are not just one thing. A good character might be kind but also have a temper, for example. They should also be believable ufffd it should be easy for readers to suspend their disbelief and believe in these people as real people (even if theyufffdre not).


The setting is where and when the story takes place. It can be as specific as a small town in Nebraska in 1978 or as general as outer space in the future. The important thing is that the setting should be well-developed enough that readers can picture it clearly in their minds. Details about the environment, weather, architecture, etc., all help to create a vivid picture of the world in which these characters live.


A bookufffds theme is its overall message or moral. Itufffds what the author is trying to say about life, human nature, society, etc., through this particular story. Sometimes themes are obvious ufffd like ufffdlove conquers allufffd ufffd but sometimes theyufffdre more subtle and take some thought to uncover. A good theme will be something that resonates with readers long after theyufffdve finished reading the book


The setting is the time and place of the story. It can be just a few rooms in a house or an entire country. The important thing is that it should be well-defined and consistent throughout the story.

A good setting will give the reader a clear sense of time and place, and it will help to ground the characters and events in reality. It should be detailed enough that the reader can easily imagine it, but not so detailed that it becomes tedious to read about.

In general, you want to avoid long descriptions of setting at the beginning of your story unless they are absolutely essential to understanding what is going on. It is often more effective to gradually introduce readers to the setting as the story unfolds.


A theme is a central idea that runs through a work of literature. It can be an object, concept, or feeling that the author returns to again and again. Themes can be stated explicitly by the author or implied through the characters’ actions, dialogue, and thoughts.

Writing Style

The writing style of a book report should be professional, witty and clever. It should be free from any errors and must flow smoothly. The report should be interesting to read and should capture the attention of the reader.


Overall, we thought this book was pretty good! It had a few minor flaws, but nothing that really detracted from the story. The characters were well-developed and believable, and the plot kept us engaged throughout. We would recommend it to others looking for a quick, enjoyable read.

A rubric is a tool for grading. It allows for the comparison of students’ work to an established standard. The “book review rubric grade 7” is a tool that can be used by educators to grade their students’ work. Reference: book review rubric doc.

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